I Swish Because ... September 27, 2012

Jenny Davenport, Swish Member and Administrator, New York City


Working with Swish is my first opportunity to truly get involved with the LGBT movement. Prior to this experience, I had little involvement with the cause. Growing up in a religious household and community, I faced significant differences between my personal beliefs and those of my faith regarding marriage equality, which created a strong inner conflict for me.  I always regarded the issue as having to make a choice between my faith, and believing and fighting for equality.  As a result, I managed to evade the topic and that choice for most of my life. That is, however, until I moved to the New York area in January to start graduate school at NYU.  

I began meeting and connecting with more people identifying with the LGBT community and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sue Sena, Co-Founder and President of Swish, who became my mentor.  She invited me to a Swish event, and I was beyond amazed.  I had never experienced so much compassion and acceptance in one setting.  I knew instantly that this was a special community and that my days of avoiding the issue had ended.   I was finally able to realize that it was never a choice between my faith and equality, but an opportunity to use my faith to bring love and support free of judgment to something I believed in.  I suddenly wanted to become an active part of the movement to defend marriage equality.  Now, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do so with Swish.

In working with Swish, I have finally realized the harmful impact avoidance has against the movement towards marriage equality.  I Swish because I want to help others see past avoidance and into a world of equality and free of judgment, where people can be with the person they love.