Get Involved August 7, 2013

Duane Reade and Swish Team Up for 3rd Annual Spring Collection Drive to Benefit SAGE and The Door

Give a Swish Spring 2013

Today New York finally gave up the ghost of winter and yielded to perfectly clear skies and sun-kissed breezes. The dedicated members of Swish were determined to take full advantage – we set up outside the Duane Reade drugstore on 42nd and 8th Avenue for our 3rd annual Give a Swish Spring Collection Drive to benefit SAGE (Service and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and the Door, which provides essential social services to LGBT youth. These vulnerable members of NYC’s gay community were in need of basic incidentals like soap, shampoo, razors and deodorant, and Swish asked NYC to step up and deliver.  

When the last item hit the box, we had collected $900 in donations for SAGE and the Door, an almost 10% increase in donations from the previous year! We piled into our rented cargo van and drove the donations down to the offices of our beneficiaries. At SAGE’s Chelsea offices, we were enthusiastically greeted by the volunteer manager, Bertis Shankle, who reminded us in one sentence why we were doing what we did: “Your donors showed our members more kindness today than some of their own families have.” Enough said.

Check out pics from the day here!

Special thanks to all of our partners and volunteers: Mike Lubell, Farhaad Jacooby, Christiana Kreepali, Sheri Crain, Audrey Iriberri, Ceara Johnson, Saki Mori, Ryan Ramdehol, Michael Rider, Matthew Tully