Get Involved May 9, 2011

New York Swishers: It's Time to Get Your Fight On!

Equality and Justice Day 2011 #2
Swishers Leone Kraus, Jason Bowman and Sue Sena with Miss New York, Clarie Duffie

Swish joined 1,000 activists and the Empire State Pride Agenda on Monday, May 9, 2011 for Equality & Justice Day - the annual advocacy day bringing the statewide movement together in Albany, which included a rally, workshops, caucuses and an opportunity to speak directly with legislators about the issues that matter to LGBT New Yorkers and our allies. It was a powerful day – TONS of young people and straight allies lobby for marriage and trans equality.  On May 10th, the Marriage Equality bill was introduced into the state Assembly.

In the coming days/weeks the Assembly will vote on the Marriage Equality bill. The bill will pass here, as it’s done before, and then it will move onto the Senate. The Senate, as of this week, has six weeks to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Governor Cuomo backs the bill and has agreed to sign it into law. We do not know if we have enough votes in the Senate to pass the bill before the end of session on June 20th.  NYC Pride this year will either be at its most glorious, or at its saddest.

The ad war has begun.  The National Organization of Marriage, (the anti-gay movement) has so far spent $500,000 dollars on TV commercials in key areas to persuade senators and community members to not support the bill. The LGBT marriage equality coalition, NYers United for Marriage, is committed to out-spending them to run counter ads during key shows like Glee.

TAKE ACTION: Use this link to Friendfactor's Friend-setter page to call your Senators today, and share with your friends. Out of state calls are now set-up to go to directly to Governor Cuomo, which is something no other campaign has ever figured out how to do - this is officially a national campaign.  Super easy.  IT DIALS FOR YOU FROM YOUR MOBILE!!!