Get Involved June 27, 2011

Pride 2011: Rebels With a Cause

'50s Swishers!-5

This year’s Songs in the Key of Equality, House for Pride and personal donations made Swish’s presence in Pride 2011 the biggest and baddest yet.  We kicked off our theme of “Rebels With a Cause” in Los Angeles Pride on June 12th.  Two weeks later, our contingent had grown to 150 in New York’s City Pride, where our Pink Ladies, Greasers and Pony Boys marched in celebration of this year’s political accomplishments and protest of what is left to change.  DJs Sean McMahon and Carlos Nascimento mixed 50’s Rock ‘n Roll with House on our pretty-in-pink float from 36st all the way down to Christopher Street.  We repped the hairspray, glitter, rainbows and “Thank You Cuomo!” signs, as we kissed and hugged the crowds and danced to the beat.  June 26th was not only the most love-filled day for New York City, but it was for Swish as well.