Get Involved July 24, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel ...

Swish Warriors of Love

All eyes were on New York City on July 24th as over 600 same-sex couples married at City Hall. Swish members were there bright and early to witness every blissful moment of this historical event. We phone-banked for hours, tweeted incessantly, e-mailed our senators and Facebooked peers to push for the new law. 

On the morning of  'Wedding Sunday,' we brought 24 boxes of cupcakes, 26 bags of confetti, 500 congratulatory wedding cards, and a metric ton of love and joy to turn the corner of Worth and Baxter Street into impromptu receiving line for the happy couples and their families. The day was filled with smiling NYPD officers, cab drivers honking in solidarity, puppies, babies and folks from all over the globe who came to be part of history. 

We were honored to have witnessed such proclamations of love and the dreams of many LGBT people come true. We look forward to attending many weddings in the near future. Let us know if you or someone you love will be getting married in NY - or in the other 5 states where it is currently legal - we'd love to share your stories.  And send a congratulatory greeting from our collection of sassy marriage equality e-cards to your friends and loved ones! We Heart NY.